Rust dying and my work for Calender – July.

I am a little bit late with my works for Calender this month. They are: «With Yellow Pears», a garden full of roses and swans at the lake. 15×15 cm, printed cotton and organsa,

and «Everything should be» like a sunny summers day, 15×15 cm, cotton and silk. Our Calender will not be exhibited untill next spring.

I have spent the last days rustdying, preparing for new work I hope.

This is my last batch still soaked in tea.
These are rinsed and ready for ironing, and
I tried different fabrics, also some hand dyed. But my favorite is this one:
Some of my father’s old tools on a piece of cotton with lace from my childhood dolls bed. Wonder what I can make of it?

Thanks for reading, I hope you have enjoyed this.

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