Spring is here!

It is finally spring although it was snowing yesterday. Luckilly it melted as soon as it fell down. But there is still frost in the ground, the crocuses gives me hope for warmer weather though. These two white beauties surprises me every year.

And these purple with the saffron stamen:

I say no more…

May is approaching and the Calender will be exhibited again. My quilts for the Calender of April are:

The boat is so quiet

Proud in its silence

These words make me think about the Viking grave-mounds and their contet.

And my second entry:

About the wind and colours of spring!

Easter is here, hopefully it will get warmer and soon my garden will be filled with colours like this, giving me new inspiration!

The Calender is going to be exhibited at Nadelwelt, Karlsruhe in Germany, in May and at the Biennale International d’art textile en Beaujolais in France in June.

Until next time….

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