Another month gone

We have passed summer solstice, and winter is comming (in a few months). With the speed of the passing days, that is not so far away. The society has started to open, people are on holidays, even abroad. Nobody knows what the autumn will bring. The Health Institute warn about a new breakout of Corona in the autumn, so we’d better be prepared.

In the meantime, life goes on. My theme for the June book was of course the Summer solstice, and we had some really hot days. So my book is filled with suns! Or circles in different sizes and yellow colours, even the spine is yellow. And I could use this varigated yellow thread I dyed ages ago but could not find use for.

the front:

This print with compressed sponge at the back reminds me so much of close up photos of the sun:

I also finally got back my entry for the Norwegian National Quilting competition. I did not win, but that is ok. I got a chance for a feedback from fellow quilters.

My quilt is a hommage to my favorite flower in the garden, Meconopsis betonicifolia, when the sun is out and it opens the flowers, it is just «Days Like This»

Some years ago I got some of my photos printed on cotton at Fingerprints, Laura Kemshall. This is one, surrounded by rust dyed fabric. Machine and hand quilted and embroidered.

I made a second one, using another photo, also printed at Fingerprints, this one is surrounded by eco dyed fabric, machine and hand quilted and embroidered. This is called «That Day»:

I hope you have enjoyed this little update from my studio. Take care and keep distance.

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