New Concertina sketchbooks

I love concertina sketchbooks. Some years ago I made several like this:

and this spring I have filled one of them with paint and snippets of photos taken in my old garden, as a memory:

the back is printed using stencils and gelliplates

Yesterday I decided it was time to make some new ones. I started by cutting long strips of Fabriano 160g paper:

folding them:

and make some nice covers:

The blue and the golden one are covered with some nice handmade japanese paper I bought in London a few years ago. The two in front I’ve made for me and my sister to use in our holidays. They have a nice thin gift vrapping paper as cover.

I did cut and fold 6 books, but have only covered 4 so far. Now I just have to fill them with summer memories and maybe ideas for new work…

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