My new Studio

It’s been a long time since my last entry. There is still much work to be done with my new page, it is a work in slow progtress since much is new to me.

Well back from Festival of Quilts with many ideas to work on, but unfortunately, too little sewing. I have worked hard to finish Module 5 of C&G Level 3 Certificate in Machine Embroidery, with the result of my Portfolio presented in 3D. I made a zigzag book, with 10 of my designs:


The back of the zigzag is decorated with a repeat pattern


and some of the pages have pop up elements



I have also been playing a bit in my sketchbooks, acryllic ink rolled on with a vine cork


and best of all, finally my studio is being built in my garden


I have been waiting for this all summer and finally the building has started. I just hope I can move in before Christmas.


And next year, i can start to fix the garden. That is all for now, hopefully my entries will come more frequently in the future.

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