Tulips in Green

We have had a new reveal at Latitudequilts, and my contribution this time was «Tulips in Green».
This year we have a new set of rules.  We are going to make a series of 4 quilt, each choosing their own theme, and I chose Tulips. The size has changed as well, maximum of 24 by 17 and minimum of 20 by 15 inches, but each member can choose the exact size, and orientation

And, each one will have an additional challenge as well, a design principle or style, and the first one was green.

I love tulips. They have been blooming here in Bergen, Norway since the
spring of 1597. There even is a tulip thart only exist in Norway, named
Tulip norvegica. So my choise was rather natural. I am so fascinated by
the variety in the shapes of the flowers, they are so elegant. 

And some close-ups:

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