Fabric dying

January has been filled with fabric dying. I signed in on Elizabeth Bartons’s Basic Dying for Quiltmakers. It had been a while since I last hand-dyed fabris, so I just thought to get a repetition. Well here are the result. First several graditions:

Then the colour-circle:

 Then some neutrals:

 And, since green is one part of my next challenge for Latitude quilts, I made a gradiation using Sage-green, and put some lace and scrims in as well:

 Then, we got a lot of snow last week, and I decided to do some snow dying. I could not get the colours as bright as they are,

 And, also here, I put in some lace and scrim:

Thanks for reading.

Basic Dyeing for Quiltmakers
Basic Dyeing for Quiltmakers

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