For Galskapen heng i det grøne, og Eplet er raudt utan synd

We have just had another challenge finished with Latitude Quilts. Our theme this time was LETTERING. When the challenge came, I thought this was just my thing. I love letters and writing, and often try to incorporate it in my work. So I looked through my sketchbooks for inspiration, and at once found my quote. It is from a poem by the Norwegian author Jon Fosse and in Norwegian it goes: «For galskapen heng i det grøne, og eplet er raudt utan synd». Translated to English it says something like: «For the madness is hanging in the green, and the apple is red without sinn». I had already a rough idea of how to interpret it, and for a long time, I had wanted to try to embroider lettering in the style of Lorina Bulwer. I had found somewhere on the internet a tutorial of how tom make letters like hers easy, and decided to use it this time.

What colours to use were easy to pick, I needle-turn appliqued  the apple, machine quilted the piece simple with free straight lines before I embroidered the lettering and finished it all with some simple hand-stitches. And framed it all with the colour of the apple.
Because the quote is Norwegian, as my native language is, I decided to keep both the text in the quilt and the title in Norwegian.

 And a close up:

Since last I’ve also finished another Journal Quilt. I used leaves from my garden, printed on rust-dyed cotton, with machine- and hand- quilting:
 And a close up:

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