Card weaving

This summer I had 5 lovely days in a tiny place a little north of Bergen called Masfjorden, with a group of women dedicated to Card Weaving. And we had a wonderful teacher in the swedish artist Sonja Berlin. She tried to teach us as much as possible in the art of card weaving, and was a great inspiration. So, when I came home I had to try what I’d learned, picked some linen in green and red and made myself a ribbon for Christmas:
This is so fun, and I’m about to finish another band I started in Masfjorden. It is in thin mercerised cotton, I’ll se if I can get a picture of it.
These last few days we’ve had a lovely autumn weather, and the garden has started to change colour. Just look at the beautiful colours this Hosta has got:
I just hope we can have this weather a little longer before it start to rain again. Although I need inspiration for my Sketchbook Project 2011, since my theme is  – RAIN…

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