Spring is here!

Spring is here, the sun is warming, the flowers are about to come – life is wonderful. I just wished I had more time. I’m in the middle of reorganising my house, making new work stations for my art. I also try to get rid of all that stuff we have collected in the 26 years we have lived in the house. Much of which I don’t know why? Now, as my daughters have left home, I realize I have a need for more order to be able to create. And I spend too much valuable time looking for things I know I have but can’t find. I guess I’m not the only one.
Looking through my photos from my ROD-journal, I found two more photos I want to share with you. The first is from the end of winter when we all were fed up with snow, and I’ve put in some clips from our local newspaper:

The second is about trying to bring spring and colours in the house:

Yesterday I tried to take a photo of my last quilt, based on pictures I took of Jøtulvann in Iceland. I only had my cell-phone so it is far from perfect, no colour correction yet.

and a little close up:

The correct colour is something in between, but closer to the green one.

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