Happy Easter

I just managed to finish decorating my Easter-eggs before the holliday started. So now I have 5 days to do just what I want. No job and no obligations. Well, I’m painting the walls of my staircase, which is quite a job. Not the painting but the rest of the job with masking-tape etc. I also had to take down the railing, and did the priming today. This is a job I’ve been thinking about and delaying for about two years, and at last I’m doing it.

I also started to do some gardening today, but heavy rain stopped that. The garden really need a makeover after the winter with all it’s snow. Instead I finished my last quilt based on the lake of Jøtulvann in Iceland. The lake is full of small ice-bergs floating around.

This photo is from a trip I did to Iceland in 2004. My daughter and her husband both had a year at the University of Iceland, and I spent 14 days with them enjoying the wonderful great nature of this fascinating island.
Have a nice holliday!

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