«Christmas is over» and journal is finished!

My «Remains of the day»-journal is finished. Well it has been for some time, but I have a picture first now. On the front I’v used some fabric marked with Markal Paintstiks, the flower is a fabric from the 60’s appliqued on, and the ribbon also is something I’ve just put aside sometime… I’ve quilted it very simple, in fact I prefer things being simple. Otherwise it just get too messy for me…
On wednesday I also at last managed to take down the Christmas decoration from my balcony. It had been covered with snow and ice until we at last got som mild weather with rain. Well for one day, until it started snowing again. And with more frost. This winter has been quite extraordinary, usually we have a week with snow at the most, this year we’ve had it since December 19th. Here you can see it in a pile on the floor drying up from the rain we had.                                                                                                                

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